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The Benefits of SHREDII 5S: The Ultimate Small Shredder for Plastics and More

The Benefits of SHREDII 5S: The Ultimate Small Shredder for Plastics and More

At Action BOX, we understand the importance of efficient and sustainable solutions for recycling and waste management. Our SHREDII 5S is designed to meet these needs and more, offering unparalleled versatility and power in a compact form. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a small business owner, or a professional in need of reliable shredding capabilities, the SHREDII 5S is your perfect partner.

1. Powerful and Versatile Shredding

The SHREDII 5S is equipped with AR500 steel blades and a robust 2HP motor, allowing it to tackle a wide range of materials. From plastic waste to cardboard and even small electronic components like solid-state drives, this shredder is built to handle it all. The optional manual hand crank ensures you can use the SHREDII 5S even in off-grid or power outage situations.

2. Compact and Portable

Despite its powerful capabilities, the SHREDII 5S is designed to be compact and portable. This makes it an ideal addition to any workspace, whether it’s a small home workshop or a busy industrial setting. Its desktop size ensures it doesn’t take up too much space while still providing all the functionality you need.

3. Eco-Friendly Recycling

With the growing concern over plastic pollution, having an efficient way to recycle plastic waste is crucial. The SHREDII 5S enables you to break down plastic parts into manageable chunks, perfect for further processing or analysis. This not only helps in reducing waste but also supports sustainable practices by allowing you to reuse materials.

4. Easy Assembly and Use

The SHREDII 5S mechanical kit comes with all the components you need for assembly, including drive gears, a gearbox, shredder blades, spacers, and a hand crank assembly. Clear instructions ensure you can assemble and start using your shredder quickly and easily. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible for individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. The electronics kit is also available which includes a 2HP motor and pre-programmed Arduino board for an automated backwards rotation to clean the blades every few cycles.

5. Enhancing Production Processes

For businesses involved in manufacturing, the SHREDII 5S can be a game-changer. By shredding failed production parts, you can perform Melt Flow Analysis on the plastic, aiding in quality control and production efficiency. This process helps in identifying and addressing production issues swiftly, ensuring better product quality and reduced wastage.

6. Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in the SHREDII 5S is a cost-effective decision for anyone looking to improve their recycling and waste management processes. By enabling you to recycle materials in-house, you can reduce disposal costs and make better use of existing resources. This translates to significant savings in the long run.

7. Supporting Creative Projects

Beyond its practical applications, the SHREDII 5S is also a fantastic tool for creative projects. Whether you’re an artist looking to repurpose materials or an engineer experimenting with new designs, this shredder opens up a world of possibilities. Its ability to handle a variety of materials means you can get creative with your recycling efforts.


The SHREDII 5S by Action BOX is more than just a shredder—it’s a powerful tool for sustainability, efficiency, and creativity. By choosing the SHREDII 5S, you’re not only investing in a high-quality piece of equipment but also supporting eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions.

For more information and to order your SHREDII 5S, visit our product page.


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