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Homemade Spot Welder - Free Designs and Parts List Available

You made it clear that you want more machine building videos as well as designs, so here is a video that offers both.

We built a homemade DIY Spot Welder, but ours is very different from other videos you find online. Why? Well because it doesn't require you to have a big machine shop, or even just a drill, a welder, or metal bending equipment, ALL YOU NEED IS A 3D PRINTER (and a soldering iron). The designs include just 4 simple 3D printed parts, and once you get those, this build should take no more than one day.

Fixing the ruler in the video was obviously a joke, but feel free to use this however you need to. It was designed to be very small and easy to carry around in case that's what you need for your DIY projects.

Action BOX Spot Welder 3D Printable Parts:

Download Spot Welder 3D File

McMaster Parts with part numbers:
1. Alloy Steel Cone-Point Set Screws - 92695A310
2. Aluminum Set Screw Lug - 6920K24
3. Equipment-Cooling Fan - 1976K91
4. IEC Connector With Power Switch - 5428N125
5. Steel Hex Nut M4 x 0.7 mm Thread - 90592A090
6. Welding Wire - 7940A93

Best DIY Mandalorian Gadgets - Fully Functional

Happy Halloween everyone!  We wanted to share our #DIY costume with you.  All 3D printed files are available for free so you can make your own #homemade costume.  This is a real life Mandalorian costume that has the Mandalorian’s wrist gadgets such as his vengeance flamethrower, rocket launcher, and full scale helmet that you can 3D print for your kids.  

Download Files for FREE below:

Mandalorian Helmet (Child Size)

Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet

Mandalorian Flamethrower Gauntlet

Thank you LONGER for your support and for sponsoring us! Check them out at

Nerf Dart + Rocket Fuel

Like any other kids on this planet, we've always wanted to own the most powerful Nerf Gun. We spent time in this video iterating through various upgrades to shoot a nerf dart over 1000 feet using a Nerf N Strike Elite blaster.

This is definitely the world’s most powerful nerf gun, and we definitely ask that you never build one like it, let alone for use in a nerf war with other people.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Are you applying Threadlocker wrong? Use this trick

I have noticed the bolts failing on some of the machines we have built (such as the CNC and Plastic Injection Machine), and after further investigation we found the issue to be in the way we applied the Loctite Threadlocker.

We made a quick video to demonstrate how to properly apply the thread locking fluid to threads in order to save you the trouble of failing screws in your builds.

World's Coolest Drone - Not a Flamethrower

I finally made it, a DIY attachment for my DJI Drone which IS NOT a flamethrower!
All designs and fabrications are 100% my own, and can be made with a simple 3D printer.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed the building process! Drop your questions in the comments below, and don't forget to help me out by sharing with at least 1 friend.

My plasma arc generators can be powered and controlled directly from your Arduino or RC receiver. You can support my channel by purchasing one of these on our website. BUY NOW

WARNING: DO NOT TRY TO REPLICATE THIS AT HOME. This is a dangerous project that can lead to bodily harm. It was used just twice at an altitude of 4 feet in an enclosed private area to demonstrate the concept, and it will never be used again.

3D Printed Knife

Metal 3D printing will soon be available for homes, so I pioneered a 3D printed knife concept that will enable us to make a DIY knife set using components from McMaster Carr. I used the FormLabs Form 3 Printer in my video, and I was extremely happy with the results. All designs are my own and 100% original. 

Get $500 USD Off on your FormLabs 3D printer by using this referral code FORM3-FY0YTE. To redeem this code you must contact the FormLabs Sales team (1-617-702-8476 or as the referral code isn't valid on e-commerce orders.

DIY Fractal Vise

We made Fractal Vise Jaws that can be attached onto any standard 6” vise. While we 3D printed plastic jaws which are only good for light processing applications, our concept can enable others to make these out of metal (via Metal 3D Printing) and utilize these for more heavy duty applications. All designs are my own and 100% original. 

Get $500 USD Off on your FormLabs 3D printer by using this referral code FORM3-FY0YTE.
To redeem this code you must contact the FormLabs Sales team (1-617-702-8476 or as the referral code isn't valid on e-commerce orders.

Best Way To Make Parts At Home - RTV Silicone

Have you ever wanted to start a home business on a budget? Here is one great way to manufacture products at home. In this video, I am making DIY RTV Silicone molds of a hang board used for rock climbing, and then making duplicates of it using polyurethane (PU).


I designed and built my own DIY homemade industrial grade CNC milling machine to use for personal projects. This homebuilt machine is made from epoxy granite and has an 8 horse power spindle, servo motors all around, and an automatic tool changer. The machine weighs over 3000kg and works perfectly. All designs are my own and 100% original.

DIY Plastic Injection Machine - Faster than 3D printing

After building my DIY homemade CNC milling machine from scratch, I wanted to push my home shop to the limits. I designed, and developed a homebuilt, fully automated plastic injection machine that is desktop size, and fully electric. 3D printing takes hours per part. This machine can make 4 parts every minute.


To build our CNC Mill we needed to create molds for the epoxy granite. To do so we built this 5x10 foot CNC router, and it works beautifully.

BEST DIY Anodizing Setup

Have you ever wanted to anodize aluminum at home? 

The process doesn't have to be complex, and in this video we share a cheap DIY anodizing setup that we put together. We use it to anodize parts from our lathe or mill. Here we anodize plastic injection molds we made on our custom CNC milling machine.