Desktop Plastic Injection Machine

INJEKTO 2.0 INJECTO 2.0 Desktop Plastic Injection Machine Kit by Action BOX who also make SHREDII desktop shredder kits.
  • 3D Printed Mold Compatible

    This kit can successfully be used with 3D printed plastic injection molds.

  • Easy To Build

    The kit is very simple to assemble, and all parts are easily connected with the included screws. 

  • Rigid Steel Frame

    Thick steel frame resists twisting and bending under extensive injection forces.

  • 3 Temperature Zones

    Heated chamber accommodates up to 3 temperature zones for tight plasticization control.

Customer Reviews

What users are saying about INJEKTO 2.0

"Starting a small venture in my garage, I needed an injection machine that wouldn't break the bank. The INJEKTO 2.0's affordability caught my attention, but its performance and reliability earned my trust."

"As an engineering student, hands-on experience is invaluable. The machine allowed me to experiment with plastic injection and understand its nuances."

"Okay, the INJEKTO 2.0 is legit fun. From small gear parts to artsy bits, this thing does it all. Didn't expect to be this hooked on plastic molding, but I think it’s my new creative obsession."

"Time’s money, especially in startups. This machine speeds up my trial and error game big time. Getting the hang of making stuff faster and smarter."

"As a hobbyist inventor, the INJEKTO has transformed the way I prototype my designs. Its easy interface and controls make it a joy to work with. I can't believe how quickly I went from concept to physical prototype. Highly recommended!"

"Got this desktop plastic injection machine and, man, it’s fun. Garage's like a workshop now, whipping up all sorts of cool stuff. Easy setup, endless creativity."

DIY Shredder Recycles Anything | SHREDII 5.0

💳 Product for Purchase

After many iterations, we finally settled on SHREDII 5.0. Our most powerful shredder yet. Check out what it's capable of, and how to assemble the kit.


💳 Product for Purchase

This is the final SHREDII design, which we powered using solar powers and shredded over 1000 cardboard boxes using nothing but the sun.


⬇️ Free Design Files

We enhanced every aspect of SHREDII to create a superior design. Check out the video! Kits available for sale!

Homemade CNC Mill | Detailed Walkthrough and Explanations

A detailed walkthrough of our homemade CNC mill. Ask any questions in the comments section on YouTube!

Plastic Injection Holders For 3D Printed Molds

Used our DIY CNC mill to turn an aluminum block into a holder for resin 3D printed molds. The results were promising.

SHREDII 3.0 | Our Best Shredder Design Yet

We completely redesigned SHREDII with a dual motor system.

Being Creative With 3D Printed Molds

We made LEGO, bolts, and fishing lures using only 3D printed molds and INJEKTO 2.0.


💳 Product for Purchase

We made a V2 of the original INJEKTO machine and it works MUCH better. Check it out! 

DIY Shredder Recycles 3D Printed Waste and Injected Into Molds

We made a shredder that can recycle bottles and 3D printed scrap to be used in our plastic injection machine, INJEKTO 2.0.

Homemade Foundry to Recycle CNC Metal Scrap

⬇️ Free Design Files

We made a foundry that can recycle all the metal scrap in our machine shop into clean bars.

DIY Injection Molding Machine

We made a tiny injection molding machine and called it INJEKTO. We are currently working on V2 and plan to sell kits. Stay tuned!

RTV Silicone - Best Way To Make Parts At Home

We created our own parts using RTV silicone molds.

DIY Wire EDM Machine

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We made a Wire EDM attachment for an old CNC machine.

DIY EDM Sinker

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DIY CNC Machine

We built a heavy duty CNC mill.

DIY Plastic Injection Machine

We built a desktop size automatic plastic injection machine.

DIY CNC Router

We built a 5x10 foot CNC router.

DIY Anodizing Setup

We created our own anodizing setup.

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