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DIY Shredder Recycles 3D Printed Waste and Injected Into Molds

We made a shredder that can recycle bottles and 3D printed scrap to be used in our plastic injection machine, INJEKTO 2.0.

Homemade Foundry to Recycle CNC Metal Scrap

⬇️ Free Design Files

We made a foundry that can recycle all the metal scrap in our machine shop into clean bars.

DIY Injection Molding Machine

We made a tiny injection molding machine and called it INJEKTO. We are currently working on V2 and plan to sell kits. Stay tuned!

DIY Dry Ice Blasting Machine

We made a dry ice blasting machine that can clean surfaces without a mess!

DIY Wire EDM Machine

⬇️ Free Design Files / 💳 Products for Purchase

We made a Wire EDM attachment for an old CNC machine.

DIY EDM Sinker

💳 Products for Purchase

We made an EDM Sinker using an old CNC machine.

DIY CNC Machine

We built a heavy duty CNC mill.

DIY Plastic Injection Machine

We built a desktop size automatic plastic injection machine.

DIY CNC Router

We built a 5x10 foot CNC router.

DIY Anodizing Setup

We created our own anodizing setup.

DIY Fractal Vise

⬇️ Free Design Files

We designed a very handy fractal vise.

RTV Silicone - Best Way To Make Parts At Home

We created our own parts using RTV silicone molds.

DIY Spot Welder

⬇️ Free Design Files

We created our own spot welder made of only 3D printed parts.

Thread Locker Trick

We're sharing this neat trick that we use when applying thread locker.

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