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DIY EDM | Cut Through Anything (Conductive) with our CNC Electrical Discharge Machining

After building our latest homemade CNC machine (check out that video) we found ourselves never using our older DIY CNC machine. We thought hard about what to do with it, and decided to turn it into a dedicated EDM machine. After all, it's an extremely rigid epoxy granite CNC machine with a perfectly fine X Y Z motion system. We hope that getting a good working EDM sinker machine will help us produce higher quality molds for our homemade plastic injection machine.

While this was just our first round of testing, we will continue to work on this DIY machine and turn it into a proper homemade CNC EDM Sinker Machine. 

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If you are interested in turning your own equipment into an EDM for broken tap removal or to cut hard metals such as carbide, feel free to support our channel by purchasing the power supply from us.