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DIY Solar-Powered Shredder Makes Recycling Easier

In this video, we embark on an engineering journey inspired by the one and only MrBeast and his giant shredder, where we harness the power of the sun and feed it directly into SHREDII 5! Join us as we use the sun's energy to recycle tons of boxes and create DIY cardboard insulation. NOTE: WE DO NOT END UP USING THE CARDBOARD INSULATION DUE TO FIRE RISK. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect:

🌞 Solar-Powered Shredding: Witness the fusion of DIY engineering and solar panels to efficiently recycle boxes using SHREDII.

🔧 DIY Setup: Learn how to assemble the DIY shredder and create your own solar power station, an engineering feat that's both sustainable and educational.

🧪 Testing and Innovation: Join us as we conduct a science experiment to measure the insulation's R-value and develop a DIY chemical treatment for fire resistance.

❌ Garage Insulation: Discover the three reasons why we decided against insulating our garage with shredded cardboard in the video. This concept offers endless possibilities for free insulation in various projects.

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