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Homemade Shredder Recycles Circuit Boards | SHREDII 5.0

After many iterations, we have finally made mini DIY shredders a reality with our latest SHREDII 5.0 design. This homemade shredder was tested against wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, and even the indestructible Nokia 3310. This shredder is a great addition to our DIY machine shop, and we use it primarily for recycling 3D prints by taking the granules that come out of the DIY shredder and using them with INJEKTO 2.0, our DIY injection molding machine, to create new plastic injected parts.

This SHREDII is designed for use with two horsepower AC motors and two high torque gearboxes, and in this video we also tested its strength by shredding pure copper rings that we have leftover from a DIY vacuum furnace that we are building. We will be releasing that video along with a new DIY CNC, DIY Lathe, DIY Metal 3D printer and DIY EDM V2 videos in the near future.

We hope this DIY shredder will enable those with minor shredding requirements to continue moving forward with their recycling projects.